Modern DIY Yarn Wreath

I’ve always loved the idea of wreaths on the door for seasonal changes…. especially the holidays and for spring. This one is really pretty and basic, and it’s cheap to make! Choose whatever colors you like. I chose red yarn with cream and brown flowers, which I feel works for the fall and winter holidays, but you might choose greens, whites, yellows and pinks for Spring.


One straw wreath (keep wrapped in plastic) $2.99
Nubby yarn (I used less than 1/2 a skein) $4
Assorted colors Felt (About $1-2 a square)
Hot glue gun and glue sticks ($8-$10)
Options: Hanging ribbon, buttons
Time: 2 1/2  episodes of DVR’d American Dad

1. Tie a loop of yarn around where the top will be and wind yarn around the plastic-wrapped wreath. This will make your arm hurt and it’s monotonous (hence the TV). Don’t let it tangle. Entirely cover the wreath. At the top again, make a little loop on what will be the back of the wreath so you can hang it.

2. Cut circles out of felt by cutting squares, folding in half and cutting a half-circle. Make several different sizes and a few color options. Next, cut the circles into spirals, leaving the center intact. Then, wrap the spirals around and around tightly so they make a little flower.

3. Heat your glue gun. The felt sticks to itself, so you shouldn’t have to glue anything but the very end of the spiral to keep the flowers in shape.  Figure out where you want to position the flowers (this took me awhile) and then glue them down.

4. Add some antique buttons to the center of the flowers to jazz it up even a little bit more. You can hang it by the little loop on a nail or hook, or you can suspended it by a long, wide ribbon looped around the top of the wreath.


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