Husband and I were laid up to the bone in February 2012. Coughing, sneezing. Waking each other up. Getting low grade lung infections. Getting into arguments about whether or not you can stop zombies by shooting them with feces. (We also had cabin fever).

We decided to dress up and have a Sick Picnic (SickNic) outside in the balmy weather. The dogs played. We drank. And coughed. And ate.

Menu (Required no effort):

Beer. Wine.

Frozen and marinated skewers I made last week when we were healthier.

We were too tired to stop Trevor from getting covered in grass and too tired to stop Dog from trying to eat our skewers. So we gave her beer. We thought about doing the hot tub, but we were so exhausted from being upright that we just went back inside and went back to bed at 6 pm.


Dog, waiting to steal our food since we're too weak to defend it.


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