Boob Cake

I made this for Husband last night despite a splitting headache.  So obviously it’s not that hard to do. I just wanted to cheer him up since we lost the house we wanted. It worked, because when I took the lid off this dish, his face lit up like a five year old at a birthday party. He ate the cake happily and said “Boobs!!!!!” and then got the best night of sleep he’s had in a week.

So the next time someone you love is depressed, you can do this and say,”Here, cheer up and have some Boob Cake!”


1 Box Betty Crocker Devil’s Food Cake

1 jar Betty Crocker Chocolate Icing

1 container strawberries

Decorator Icing in a contrasting color (or you could just make boobs out of strawberries. They’d be 3-D.)


Make the cake like it says to on the box. (My dish was small and we don’t want adult onset diabetes, so I just halved the recipe.)

Let cool at least 15 minutes or until surface is cool. Decorate with icing and strawberries. Put boobs on it.



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