Coming Soon!! Content from People Other Than Me

You know, eventually even I run out of shit to say. I get sick of the sound of my own Inner Monologue. I want to rip off the Alice apron and take care of some Buck – related stuff.

So while I’m doing that this summer (meaning shooting guns, looking at houses, partying hard, and also taking care of photos, layout, and proofs for my book which is out this fall and has a Big Rock Deadline), I’ll be posting some interviews, recipes, and homemaking/ crafting/DIY tips from lovely ladies around the globe, who are also interested in The Domestic Arts and who I find pretty fascinating. (And who can probably all bake better than I can, so instead of cake mix recipes which use nothing but humor and boxed ingredients, you might actually get some useful baking info.)

Stay tuned!

(Oh, you want to be featured ? Well email berettafleur at gmail dot com with:

  • your contact info and location (city state/province country is fine)
  • a little bit about yourself and what you’re famous (or infamous) for
  • A link to where I can see pictures/content related to what you do

And we’ll see about posting something about you, too!)





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