Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign…

Please… don’t make me Parent Under The Influence…

God, what a horrible song. I’m sorry I did that to you and myself.

My Home Tour  was recently featured on the ever-lovely and always helpful, and there were positive responses to my party signage and requests for copies.

So I made two PDFs, one for Restrooms and the Pet Sign above, and another with signs directing guests  toward the merriment and an invitation to sleep over (a fun way to promote responsible partying; we have this displayed behind our bar at home). They are 8.5 x 11 and can be printed out on any color or black and white printer.



Don’t have Adobe Reader for printing or viewing PDFs? It’s free here!

For our wedding at home in 2011, I designed and mounted the signs onto colorful thick cardstock to make them more formal. Feel free to get creative with mats, frames, or anything else that reflects your style.

I’d love a link to a pic or a post in the comments if you do use these signs, so I can see you enjoying them. Thanks!!



(Note, this signage is for private amusement and personal use only. The images and fonts I used to create these signs are used under Creative Commons and retain their original copyrights.)


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