DIY Multi Color Hanging Pom-Pom Tutorial

I made these for my wedding in 2011 and migrated this post to my blog here to share.

This will run you between $10-15 for about 6-7 poms in various sizes/colors, depending on what you choose to buy to hang them with. You can get a kit for about 5 for $20 at the craft store, or you can order pre-cut ones on Etsy, but I to do things myselfand I like playing with the colors and sizes.

  • Get a few packs of tissue paper in colors you like. Some packs come in multicolor, or you can just get white or pink or blue. For me, I chose some plain pale pink, some white  and some multicolor packs.  About $2.99 a pack. (CA prices)
  • Get either yarn, fishing line, thread, or ribbon, depending on what you have around the house or what you like the look of. Fishing line will make them look suspended in midair. I had a ton of pretty yarn around so I used that.
  • Get either floral wire, or picture hanging wire, whatever is cheapest or easiest. In a pinch, pipe cleaners will do. Picture wire is thickest and hardest to work with, but I used it.
  • Layer your tissue in piles of about 8 pieces.
  1. Alternate sheets of color for a “stripey” looking pom
  2. Pile 4 of one color on top of 4 of another for a 1/2 and 1/2 color pom
  3. Uese all one color for a solid color pom

  • Fold the tissue paper in an accordion pattern, making the folds about 1/4″ wide.
  • You’ll need a few inches of wire for this next step. Wrap the wire around either the center of the folded paper for one big pom, or wrap about 6″ from each end of the paper for 2 6″ poms so it’s keeping the paper folded.  Make a loop in the wire by twisting it (this is where you will hang it from.).
  • Cut the ends of the folded tissue strip to either be rounded or pointed.  Rounded will give you a fluffy, flowery pom, pointed will give you a spiky-looking pom. If you’re cutting it in half, you’ll have to doctor the ends of the cut made in the middle.
  • Attach the yarn or line to the wire loop now, since it’s harder to do once you’ve fluffed your pom.
  • This part is a bit tricky to do without tearing the paper: fluff out the paper from the wire, in all directions, by pulling gently but firmly on the paper. Leave some of the creases and folds in the paper. You can also scrunch and shape the pom as you go.
  • Hang and marvel at yourfine work.

Big pale pink one is one color full sheet tissue . Orange and yellow and pink and white ones were done with alternating colors, blue and green ones are the 1/2 and 1/2 ones, with the half sheets.

I did all of these in about an hour and a half.

I also did mini-versions, about 4″ across, that I tied with nubby yarn (leaving a napkin loop), for our Place Settings.



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