Pinup Posies – A Virginia Cupcake with a Heart for Dogs

From pinup accessories to charity work, mommy-hood, and motorcycles, this hot number from Virginia has a lot going on! We caught up with Celia “Cupcake” Brown for a quick chat about her hair flowers, and even scored a Summer Coupon Code! Read on for more.

Celia “Cupcake” and Benga by Cherry Blossoms Photography

What’s your handle?

I go by Cupcake to my friends I ride motorcycles with, but Celia works too!

What’s a day in the life of Celia Cupcake look like?

I am the creator and sole operator of Pinup Posies, a small hair flower business. I design, create, market, sell, and ship hair flowers. Seventy-five percent of the profit is donated to animal welfare charities.

Aside from running Pinup Posies, I work full time, have a great marriage with my wonderful husband Greg, have two kids still at home, two kids who have left the nest, a granddaughter, a pack of dogs and cats, and a motorcycle club family.

Mandarin Rose Hair Flower

Wow. That’s a full life! What led you to devote some of your busy schedule to making hair flowers?

I have always been interested and enamored with everything pinup. I needed a hair flower for a party. I decided to make one, because no one really sold them then. I used a craft store gift card that my husband gave me for Christmas to buy some supplies. I ended up making several, and posted a picture of them on Facebook. Before I knew it, several of my friends were asking how much I was selling them for. I sold some and used the money to buy more supplies.

Jumbo Pink Orchid Clip

I set up shop on Etsy, and started selling hair flowers all over the world. I was never financially able to donate much money to any of the  groups that I have been a fan of until I started Pinup Posies. It all started with a gift card, and I was able to pay it forward. Pinups for Pitbulls (for which I am currently Miss May 2012 and an active volunteer) has been the main beneficiary of the profit. I also use the profit to donate to other pitbull advocacy and animal groups as well.

Do you have any favorite sources of inspiration or fellow Domestic Artists you want to tell us about?

I love Uncle Fetzer and his gorgeous hair flowers. I don’t know him personally but I love his work. His creations are one of a kind and so beautiful. There are also several fellow Esty shop owners that I adore. I LOVE the creator of Black Cat Bikinis (although I don’t know her name), Terri Jones of Mix Baby, Pinky Pinups, and Nadine Kreuger of Lola Blossom Clothing. They really have amazing talent.

Zebra and Green Dahlia Flower

Aside from your generosity to charity, what are you most proud of in your home life?

My favorite accomplishment by far is the balance of work and play we have accomplished. Needless to say, balance is a huge task. My husband and I work hard, but we also play hard. Being able to do “Mom” tasks and still hop on the back of the bike on the weekends is so important to me.

Any projects or interesting things on the horizon you want to tell us about?

Right now and for the duration of the summer everything at Pinup Posies is on sale. Everyone can use the coupon code SUMMER2012 for 40% off.

Also, I have been asked to help work on some material to be featured in the upcoming August issue of Sugar Heart Magazine, a gorgeous pinup magazine. Sugar Day, the owner of Sugar Heart as well as Cherry Blossoms Photography in North Carolina, has been a friend and bully breed supporter for years. I am looking really forward to being able to work with the awesome chicks of Sugar Heart Magazine.

I agree! I love SugarHeart Magazine and Cherry Blossoms Photography, too! Where can we keep up with you and your Charity, Pinup, and Accessories-Making adventures?

So, why are you still reading? You should be shopping the sale!


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