Couture, Cars, and Cookies! Hellkitten is The Purrfect Package

Meet Hellkitten of Hellkitten Originals! This gal designs clothing, models pinup, works on cars, volunteers for charity… AND makes cookies! Whaaat? Read on if you don’t believe me.

Hellkitten by Femme Fatale Photography. Dress by Hellkitten Original

Tell me what you’re known for!
My name is Hellkitten of Hellkitten Original Clothing.  I design, make, and sell clothing and jewelry, and I model.

HKO NeptuneLounge Ring Photo by JodiRobbins

How long have you been into making clothes and modeling?

I have an old soul.  As a child I taped Kleenex together to make clothes for my dolls.  I started modelling as a hair model (1999), and being a “car girl”, I gravitated toward pin up and hot rod modelling.  I love the behind-the-scenes creative processes that go on: the art direction, set building… everything.   I’ve always loved fashion, art and design.  It really brings me joy.

HKO Red “Calavara” Bandana print skirt, corset, & bow Photo by Ama Lea

What inspires you for fashion design and who are your favorite artists?
I look to classic hollywood for inspiration: the starlets, the costume designers & set designers.  I get inspiration from all over the place, an interesting twig, a fabric print, a movie scene, dreams…

Artists and Photographers I admire: Lucio Fontana, Yves Klein, Richard Meyer; Bunny Yeager, Bernard, Viva Van Story, and 666 Photography to name a few. There are so many I respect.

Any projects you want to tell us about?
I’m working on a classic muscle car.  I’m creating more jewelry and metal work this summer and I have some VERY interesting photo projects coming up where I get to really collaborate and produce the work.  SO exciting!

Helping the puppies!

What are you most proud of  right now? 

I’m proud that I constantly push myself to learn new things.  I’m proud that my modelling has gotten to the point where I can choose quality over quantity.  I’m very proud of the charity work I do for dogs.  I’m proud to be professional and true both in business and friendship.  I’m proud of the person I am and what I have to offer.  I have wonderful friends and family that bring me so much love, joy, and inspiration.  Life is good.

Hellkitten by 666 Photography, TX

How about sharing a recipe with us?

I make a mean chocolate chip cookie….its a secret! Ok its not… just follow the Classic Nestle Tollhouse recipe but totally melt the butter first and add another 1/3 cup of flour.  Par bake them (8 minutes tops) and they will be the softest, chewiest cookies ever!!

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