5 Summer Dessert Ideas

What summer BBQ or al fresco dinner would be complete without a few yummy dessert options? These are full of warm weather goodness, and quite easy to throw together.

Raspberries at the La Grande Farmers’ Market. lagrandefarmersmarket.org, used under Creative Commons

1) In a pinch, No sugar added Fudgesicles  are my favorite summer go-to desserts. They’re  40 calories each and take about ten seconds to run and grab. More time to mingle with my summertime guests! But when I’m feeling fancy, a bowl of fresh summer berries topped with whipped cream does the job nicely.

2) Grilled Peaches

Half peaches, remove stones. Sprinkle with a teaspoon of brown sugar or honey and a dash of cinnamon. Grill, cut side down for 2 minutes. Serve hot.

3) Bowl o’ S’mores (See #4 for gluten-free grahams)

Skewer 2 marshmallows a person and cook over flame or stove burner. Break 2 square inches of dark or milk chocolate into each bowl and nuke for 15 seconds. Place cooked marshmallows into dish and serve as is with spoons, or crumble 1/2 graham cracker on top of each bowl.

4) Raspberry Custard No-Bake Pie (Requires chill time. If you want to avoid gluten, you can make a similar crust with gluten-free cookies, such as The Grainless Baker or Gefen Vanilla Cookies. Jello pudding should not have gluten in it, and Kraft states that it discloses all allergy info on the box, so read the box.)

2 cups washed Raspberries

4 c crumbled graham crackers or vanilla wafers, plus 1/2 c reserved.

1 package instant vanilla or chocolate pudding, prepared but not chilled.

  • Mix graham crackers or cookies with margarine until well-coated and press into the bottom of 9″ pie pan.
  • Dump in Raspberries.
  • Top with prepared pudding mix
  • Chill the pie for  4 hours or overnight. Crumble remaining cracker very finely over surface before serving.

5) Boozy Sherbert (Not for kids under 21. Requires an hour chill time)

Raspberry Sherbert

Raspberry Cordial

Fresh Raspberries


Combine all, stir violently until softer, and then re-freeze for about an hour. Serve topped with more raspberries and a sprig of mint.


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