POLL! Hurray Hurray for PB and J!

In light of it being Back To School season, a discussion about Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches in my office spawned a poll. Follow the links to get recipes and product links!

Petit Plat, Miniature Polymer PB&J by Stephanie Kilgast – Used under Creative Commons.

Throughout my dietary journey, PB & J has always been one of the few reliable comfort foods I never had to give up, even when vegan, and even now when I’m gluten – free, I can still enjoy it on Udi’s. (Though if I still could eat it without feeling like I was going to die, my favorite bread would be Oroweat Oat Nut bread.)

I like to make mine with a generous helping of equal parts crunchy peanut butter and Smucker’s Cherry Preserves. (If you like to go natural, I found a great post about making your own cherry preserves here ). Finally, it must be cut in half.

Husband loves his similar to mine, but with sour cherry jelly.

My coworker Melody Beth remembers the standard creamy peanut butter on grape on white bread, but her grown-up palate prefers a tartine (open-face  sandwich) with brie and mango from Blue Dahlia Bistro in Dallas. That sounds delish.

But back to the PB and J.

My office mate says his favorite is either boysenberry or blackberry jam with crunchy peanut butter on potato bread or thinly sliced Challah bread.

Crunchy peanut butter and strawberry jam  is our shipping department’s favorite PB and J style.

What’s yours?


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