Our Next Adventure

It’s kind of ironic that I have a hosting and homemaking book coming out next week, as, simultaneously, Husband and I have been packing up our beloved rented bungalow in California and preparing to move across the country next month with no real employment opportunities, or solid idea of where we’re going to live next.

After over a decade of being Angelenos, we’ve made the decision to leave California, moving back East to be nearer to my family and toward our own version of the Promised Land.  (For us, it’s named Virginia.) True, this happened because of job layoffs, but other than the initial freak-out, we decided to see it as an opportunity rather than a crisis.

This is our life right now.

This isn’t the first adventure like this for either of us, but it’s our first time doing this kind of thing together. It’s been a little stressful packing up the house, and sometimes when we think about the fact that we will soon have no jobs and no “home” right now, we both get a sudden chill of “OHNOWHATTHEHELLAREWEDOINGWE’RE DOOOOOMED DOOOOOOOMED DOOOOOOOOMED!!!!”

But we also just as often turn to each other and say “LEAVING!!!!” and get all excited about it. Life goes on, and we’re moving forward; living off of our savings, pioneering toward what we want in life and toward a what we feel is a more promising future for our life together.

My point here – and why I’m being pretty candid about our life on my hosting and recipe blog – is to point out that even though we’ll be technically homeless, unemployed, and pinching pennies when it comes to meal planning, we’re not starving, we’re not angry, and we’re not unhappy. And we’re not going to be. For the next few months, in addition to Holiday stuff, I will be posting about things like how to pack an entire house without going crazy, how to host people when you’re about to move and your house is a nightmare, how to plan meals (including Holiday parties) on a limited grocery budget,  or how to make a motel room or  your parents’ summer home that they’ve graciously allowed you to live in for the winter feel like home, when your idea of decorating  is mid-century modern meets Restoration Hardware and their idea of decorating is to put blue and white ceramic tchotchkes, silk flowers, and doilies on everything in sight.

Wish us luck! If you want to follow our Majestic Road Trip eye candy, you can follow me on Instagram, @berettafleur





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