Hosting While Moving

With just a few weeks left to pack up our home and say goodbye to our Los Angeles area friends, I still can’t stop partying. Ever inclined to host, even with one foot out my own door, I decided to just keep on inviting guests over and let us be our social selves. Because once we’re gone, it may be months or even years before we see our West Coast friends again.

One evening, after a long day of packing, our friend Jenny came over for dinner and relaxation with wine. We lounged in the back yard and grilled out and talked politics, religion, and jobs. Another night, we invited friends and family over for a “Come drink all our weird leftover alcohol” bar potluck. We still have a ton of vermouth, rum, and lychees, but we got rid of our pink champagne, vodka, and soda, and it was a pleasant evening enjoyed by all.

Here are some tips on how to host at home even when you’re moving out:

1) Apologize once for the mess and then put it out of your mind. Everyone knows that moving is a bitch, so stop worrying about what people think of your disgusting, disorganized house. Wipe down essential surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen, make a seating area where you can all at least cop a squat, and then forget about it.

I like to use my big hair to distract my guests

2) Use disposable serving ware. Because the last thing you want to do is clean up when your house is an apocalyptic nightmare.

3) Grill out or order in. Simple, low-maintenance food that can be enjoyed outside away from all the boxes of your half-packed crap is the way to go.

4) Party Like It’s Time To Get Rid Of Stuff. If you’re like me, you probably don’t want to move everything you have. Combine getting rid of stuff with partying. Make a Casserole Buffet with all of your pantry leftovers, or have a combination Moving Party and Yard Sale. Hence our weird Potluck Bar.

Bar leftovers

5) Enjoy the night. Let the social fun of the evening take away the stress of moving. Give your brain the night off and decide to just be present with your guests. Fretting about booking your Uhaul or the stupid heavy boxes you got that are way too big and heavy when full can wait till tomorrow. I enjoyed our evenings off  so much, I barely took pictures. Oops.

6) If you really can’t stand the sight of your house, ask a friend to host it or go out. Me, I’m just trying to save money. And we like to host. So our house is still a good option for me.


Pink Champagne on ice. Because we can check out any time we like.


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