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Happy Holidays! - By

Happy Holidays! – By

My blogging year of 2012 is ending, and I’m glancing over my site stats. It’s been an awesome year, with my social network audience tripling over the past 12 months! My top searches for the blog were tiki, theme parties, pinup, and gluten-free, and I hope I provided some useful content for those in need. If you have anything you’d like me to write about, please write

Here are my 20 favorite Search Terms from my stats this year. Some can be found by clicking the links, others I may tackle in 2013 (Duct Tape Cake, anyone?)

Thanks for reading!! See you in 2013!



Top 20 Searches on Beretta Fleur’s Hosting With Style

1. Duct Tape Cakes

2. How To Make A Boob Cake

3. Lightweight’s Guide To Drinking

4. Gory Cake

5. What to Wear To A Pinup Party

6. DIY Tiki Statue

7. Eloping To Vegas

8. Here, Have A Boob

9. Beretta Vodka /Beretta Snacks (this was a tie!)

10. Heavy Tumbler of Bourbon

11. Limoncello recipes

12. Gluten Free Fried Chicken

13. Gritty Biscuits ( I would love to find out if this is a band name)

14. Hostaholic

15. Is My Home Going To Suck With An FHA Loan

16. Zombie Cross Stitch

17. $40 Party

18. Vintage Look Reusable Shopping Bags

19. Cleaning Books for Messy People

20. Samuel L. Jackson Ants


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