Spring Party Menus and Decor Ideas

Hello all!

I love Spring… it just feels like a new opportunity to get into warm weather party mode.


Our garden wedding – photo by Barbara B.

In honor of the year turning toward the warmer months, I’ve compiled a few Pinterest Boards of spring holiday decorating and menu ideas for Passover, Equinox, and Easter festivities, or that will work for a festive brunch, intimate wedding, baby shower, tea, or bridal shower.

I’ve also included a few of my own ideas and recipes too!


Pinterest Boards:

Spring Holidays  – Board of Menu Ideas

Cocktail Ideas, Fall and Spring

More Party Treats (All Seasons)


from our wedding, photo by jillian hughes

Event Decor Ideas:

Event and Party Decor (Pinterest Board)

DIY Mason Jar Light Tutorial (My Tutorial on Offbeat Bride)

Holiday Yarn Wreath Tutorial

lemon-mint cherry bomb

lemon-mint cherry bomb

My recipes:

Sage Cornish Game Hen and Stock

Lemon Mint Cherry Bomb

Honeyed Figs or Rachel’s Seder Macaroons (Hosting With Style Book Only)

Low Carb Crustless Quiche

Gluten Free Quiche

Curried Egg or Vegan Potato Salad Recipe (Featured on A Slob Comes Clean)


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