Teenager Party! An Interview on Logistics

A few months ago, one of my close friends, Kimpossible  of the blog  Sun and Stars posted about hosting a Spa Makeover- Themed teenager party. Now, I know some brave people, but I feel like it takes a special kind of person willing to open their home to a gaggle of 13 year old gals. After reading her blog post about the successful, fun-looking party, my Hostess Brain scrambled with the logistics behind undertaking such a project. I asked Kim some questions about the planning process.

Spa Socks! by Kimpossible

1. Did you have a guest limit?

No. The birthday girl was allowed to make her invite list and was encouraged not to leave any classmates out to avoid making anyone feel secluded. Her list ended up with 27 girls on it, so we ordered 30 invitations. But then she remembered a few more people so we scanned one of the invitations and sent a few more out by email. My only fear was we’d have 36 teens in my apartment. “Only” 14 turned out.

2. What was the process regarding choosing to host the party at home instead of having it elsewhere? 

We chose to host at home for 2 reasons: cost and time of year. We knew we could entertain the crowd at home with enough activities, keep the food costs much cheaper, and since it’s been colder than usual, we didn’t want to try to find a place away from home to hold the party.

Pom Poms by Kimpossible

3. What were the thoughts on making it co-ed versus same sex?

She knew from day one she wanted a spa/fashion themed party so “no boys” was a no-brainer.

4. Every parent of a teen should be so lucky!! Did you have a hard time figuring out age-appropriate activities?

With the spa/fashion theme, and knowing it would be a group of 12-14 year olds, we assumed makeup/hair/nails and pizza would give everyone a variety of things to do. If one girl wasn’t “into it” at first, in no time the others rallied into makeover mode and everyone got gussied up in some way or another.

Whee! Party girls by Kimpossible

5. How active was your daughter in the actual planning process?

She pretty much called the shots on the whole thing!  She started out with a few party theme ideas and sent me links to sites that had game ideas, party favors, color schemes and decorations she liked. Then I asked her to give me a list of things she wanted to do, snacks she wanted, etc.

6. How many other adults were there and what did they do during the party? (Was it like planning 2 parties in one?) 

The only other adults were her dad, her grandma, and a family friend and her daughter (17). They hung out in the “parent area” mainly because the rest of the house was destroyed in under an hour and it was the only clutter-free place left. The adults had no additional activities per se, we just watched the girls as they did all the various things and chattered and screamed and played who’s drama is more outrageous.

Cupcakes by Kimpossible

7. What was the clean-up and recovery like?

Clean up was a chore but since 3 of the girls were supposed to be staying over, we made it a “rule” that they had to pick up the entire living room before the slumber party could be agreed to.

8. Do you think you would host the same kind of party again or do you feel that future teenage years require something different?

Haha… Probably not!  I think that a similar party 2 years in a row would not be her choice anyway. Who knows what she’ll be into at 14.  Hopefully we’ll have some new ideas by the time the next birthday rolls around.


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