Losing a Friend

I haven’t been blogging in the past month because of several factors; we’ve of course been looking for permanent work and living spaces in the Southern United States. We also went visiting my parents and siblings in Georgia, and, most recently, have been nursing a sick pet.

Sadly, our eldest dog, named Dog, or more affectionately, Mrs. Dog Parts, passed away this week after a string of sudden illnesses. She got to do a lot of awesome stuff in the past year, and our last several months with her was a blessing to us. Not many people get to take 8 months off of their 9 to 5 schedule to travel around the country hanging out with their pets, and we did. So we’re devastated to lose her, but grateful that she did not suffer, and grateful too that we have a slew of wonderful, happy memories to cherish.

She was also a model for us in various photo shoots, including “Hosting With Style – Beretta Fleur’s Guide to Parties and Homemaking”. Here’s a slideshow of some happy times from the last  year or so.


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