Fall Updates & News

Wait, what? It’s October?

I need to pause and take a break. Hi! And here is my latest news.


Me and Hubs on Date Night a couple weeks ago

Husband and I have been adjusting well to our new lives in Texas. I’ve also been doing the odd website and article, and I have new content coming out soon in Pinup Perfection Magazine and on Offbeat Home & Life.

As you may have seen, I just gave my own website a revamping, where you can enjoy the goodies in my portfolio, get a link to this blog, see all of my latest projects, and all that other worky-work stuff I have going on.


My new website look! Check it out.

After a year of leaving the west coast and bouncing around the Southern U.S., we finally (and suddenly) landed in Houston.  He works in systems engineering and data storage for a very reputable hospital, and he loves it.

I’m continuing my freelancing whirlwind, in addition to hooking back up with a very dear person, Radhika Day, for some of it. Radhika was my mentor about a decade ago, and gave me my first career start and a glimpse into what my true potential was as a designer, artist, and all-around go-getter. I’m back with her part-time at  Weddings in Houston Magazine, working on photo shoots, marketing strategies, and events. They have a great team there, and it’s awesome to see how much everything has grown in the years I’ve been away.

Me, as a neurotic baby, with Radhka and JB Day, circa 2001

Me, as a neurotic baby, with Radhka and JB Day, circa 2001

In the past two months, I’ve also hooked up with Sandra Wilson of Dames, Planes, and Automobiles magazine. This is a great and growing quarterly publication just concluding its first year, and I’ve contributed a couple articles and images to them so far. It’s not like any other pinup magazine out there… it’s quite classy, with a focus on not only the gorgeous vintage style ladies we love to gawk at, but also cars, planes, and articles and stories on veterans, active military, and those who support them. I l designed the 2014 calendar (which you can preview and buy here), and I am the Production Director/Layout Artist from here on out for all their magazines, website, and print projects.

DPA WWI - era 2014 Calendar

DPA WWI – era 2014 Calendar

With all of these life changes,  blogging took a backseat… for a few weeks, anyway. I’m hoping to be back into it regularly, and I have recipes I mean to share with you all soon, including a friend’s recipe for chili and my own gluten-free cobbler.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy my Pinterest boards of party treats and decorating ideas for  Halloweeeeeeeen. Here is a parting shot of my own fireplace mantle. I do love me some crows!



Happy Fall!




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