Hosting With Style – A Guide To Homemaking


If you love vintage-era styling, and love to cook, organize, travel, and entertain, then I might have what you’re looking for.

I began this blog as a supplemental content to my book, Hosting With Style- Beretta Fleur’s Guide To Parties & Homemaking, and as way for my readers from other various websites and magazines to connect with me. While I no longer post here regularly, the blog is still archived and the book is still available for purchase.


Tons of recipes (omnivorous, vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan). Plus those how-tos in life… How to de-clutter your house.  How to travel with pets. How to make a spa day at a motel room for free. How to get scratches out of an antique wood table. How to fashion Christmas lights out of shotgun shells. How to elope in Vegas. I also share various party ideas, decor, and menus, including the ever-popular Tiki Party and touch on relationships, pets, family, and life changes that I felt might be relevant.

Additionally, as a lover of vintage cars, music, decorating, fashion and lifestyle, as well as enjoying hiking, shooting, fishing and other outdoorsy-type stuff, you will find recaps of where to find my other content in print and online.

Ultimately, this blog is a celebration of life, and how to enjoy it more in your own space.


The Food: In my late teens and early twenties, I paid my way through art school working in tiny kitchens with loud, talented Greek and Italian chefs, learning secret family recipes and the tried and true classic flavors of both cuisines. Combine that with my Southern roots (cast iron skillets forever) and a later-life forays into vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free eating and you have a ton of fresh, delicious cooking recipes I feel translate well for just about every kitchen.

The Home: I was originally a sloppy person with no clue how to clean anything, and I invested MANY hours in learning how to take care of things when I moved out on my own at age 18.  I have lived everywhere from a tiny studio apartment (shared) to a converted shuttle bus to a renovated live-work barn to a beautiful suburban pool home. I like to believe anyone with a roof and four walls can apply my advice and techniques for a happier, healthier, more attractive space.

The Parties: What can I say? I love a good party. I especially love the vibe of a swinging 60s get-together, complete with poolside tiki drinks and vinyl on the speakers, but I can also party on a $40 budget while having no furniture but moving boxes. I cover both! (Oh, and in my day jobs, I have planned and directed large-scale luxury events.)

The Book and Blog: As a professional graphic designer for 17+ years, I have also written several books and many contributing articles. I love a good magazine, a solid article, and a useful and entertaining home resource. This blog and book stem naturally from these interests.

Travel: I have thoroughly explored and traveled 90% of the continental US, its wilderness, areas National parks and forests, and cities. I adore road trips, the outdoors and nature, the logistics of packing, and how to have the BEST experience on the LEAST amount of stress and money.  I invite you to join me on my virtual forays.

Please enjoy, and please email me at berettafleur at to connect!

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