Spring Party Menus and Decor Ideas

Hello all!

I love Spring… it just feels like a new opportunity to get into warm weather party mode.


Our garden wedding – photo by Barbara B.

In honor of the year turning toward the warmer months, I’ve compiled a few Pinterest Boards of spring holiday decorating and menu ideas for Passover, Equinox, and Easter festivities, or that will work for a festive brunch, intimate wedding, baby shower, tea, or bridal shower.

I’ve also included a few of my own ideas and recipes too!


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Sewing With Vintage Patterns: A Spotlight on Elegant Musings

Last month, my vintage ladies’ group, Bon Vivants, held a sewing get together, which I hosted. Melissa of the great vintage lifestyle blog Technicolor Cutie, was the group organizer.  You can read her blog entry about the event here.

Yasmin, Me, Melody Beth and Melissa, courtesy of TechnicolorCutie.blogspot.com

I have a sewing machine, and there was a time that I collected vintage patterns for the artwork. I also hand-sew toys, like this owl. Or this cat. I’ve hand-sewn toys and dolls out of found fabric, vintage buttons, and cast-off sweaters since I was about fifteen. I also learned to crochet when I quit smoking some years ago (to keep my hands busy), and I’m able to knit a basic stitch.

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Bexie B – Cross-Stitching The Zombie Apocolypse in Kansas

Do you like Zombies? Gaming Geekery? What about cross-stitch? If you do, you need to know more about Bexie B!

Bex by Vixen Pinup Photography, KC MO

Tell us about yourself!

I’m known as Bex of Bexie B Creations.  I am a stay-at-home mom to one human and three canine babies. I also cook, bake, and make  video game and B-movie cross-stitch designs.

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Bon Vivants Ladies’ Group: Ready, Set, Sew!

My fabulous friend, Husband’s hairdresser, and fellow blogger Missy of the blog “Technicolor Cutie” started a vintage ladies’ group here in Los Angeles a few months ago. One day a month, a gaggle of us gals get together and revel in our love of vintage. We try to pick a theme to share a skill or passion we have for things that are related to the vintage lifestyle. This month was hosted at my house, and it was called Ready, Set, Sew!

Missy was kind enough to teach us Sewing 101, and the machine I’ve let sit unused since our wedding reception a year ago is now churning out raised hemlines and stuffed animals with lightening speed! I’m going to edit and upload a video of it soon. Meanwhile, you can read her blog entry and pics about it here.

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Aprons in Austin – Cook In Style with Hot Mama Tara B!

From Texas, we have Tara Braddock, “momtrepreneur” and designer of aprons and retro-inspired clothing.

Tara B by Wicked Hailey Photography

Tell me about your aprons!

I’m Tara and I’m the owner/designer/”Stitch Bitch” at Tara Braddock Designs. I have currently been working on vintage inspired aprons, but I also do custom garments, costume design for film and theater, alterations…pretty much anything involving thread, needle, and fabric.

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Couture, Cars, and Cookies! Hellkitten is The Purrfect Package

Meet Hellkitten of Hellkitten Originals! This gal designs clothing, models pinup, works on cars, volunteers for charity… AND makes cookies! Whaaat? Read on if you don’t believe me.

Hellkitten by Femme Fatale Photography. Dress by Hellkitten Original

Tell me what you’re known for!
My name is Hellkitten of Hellkitten Original Clothing.  I design, make, and sell clothing and jewelry, and I model.

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Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign…

Please… don’t make me Parent Under The Influence…

God, what a horrible song. I’m sorry I did that to you and myself.

My Home Tour  was recently featured on the ever-lovely and always helpful OffBeatHome.com, and there were positive responses to my party signage and requests for copies.

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Modern DIY Yarn Wreath

I’ve always loved the idea of wreaths on the door for seasonal changes…. especially the holidays and for spring. This one is really pretty and basic, and it’s cheap to make! Choose whatever colors you like. I chose red yarn with cream and brown flowers, which I feel works for the fall and winter holidays, but you might choose greens, whites, yellows and pinks for Spring.


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