Atomic Bombshells BONUS MATERIAL – New Tiki Party Swag!

This is a post with bonus material to go along with my new article on Tiki Parties in Atomic Bombshells Issue #6! A couple of these signs you may recall from my tiki birthday bash post a year or so ago, but most items I’ve been keeping to myself and are Brand Spanking New!

Get my complete guide to creating your tropical paradise in Atomic Bombshells Magazine, plus lots more lovely pinups, curvy classic cars, and more!


Atomic Bombshells Magazine #6 Summer 2013

Printable Menus, Decorations, and Signs:

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Spring Party Menus and Decor Ideas

Hello all!

I love Spring… it just feels like a new opportunity to get into warm weather party mode.


Our garden wedding – photo by Barbara B.

In honor of the year turning toward the warmer months, I’ve compiled a few Pinterest Boards of spring holiday decorating and menu ideas for Passover, Equinox, and Easter festivities, or that will work for a festive brunch, intimate wedding, baby shower, tea, or bridal shower.

I’ve also included a few of my own ideas and recipes too!


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Homemaking on the Road, Part 3 – Meals on Wheels

I’m a cook, which means that I like food. I love buying it, preparing it, smelling it, looking at it, cooking it, plating it, serving it, and eating it, and even cleaning it up. (Probably eating it a little less than the others, otherwise I’d be morbidly obese. But still. Yum.)

When I’m away from home, I like to be able to cook, both for fun and for health reasons. Not many things are more pleasing to me than being hosted and getting to thank my hosts with a meal, or enjoying a familiar dish in an unfamiliar setting.

Planning out what and where you will eat can take some of the stress out of travel, keep you well, and help you stay on budget. Here’s what I do to stay fit, fed, and functional when I travel.

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Kimpossible’s Cheese-y Vegan Nachos

Watching a lot of games this fall and need to feed a crowd? Here’s a dish from my best friend Kimpossible ( a featured model in Hosting With Style the book, available here for $27)

Kim used to make these for us when we were single vegan ladies living 5 minutes away from each other, as munchies for our Packers/Cowboys game days. I still ask her to make them when we have double dates at her place with our carnivorous menfolk. Vegan or not, they’re the bomb for your game time noms.


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Cooking On Skates – A Roller Derby Gal Who’s Heaven on Wheels!

 Meet Kelly Von Lunen, AKA Mel Breakdown! Read on for more about this Kansas Derby Gal and a recipe for Vegetarian (or not!) Bacon Rangoon Dip. 

Mel Breakdown by Vixen Pinup Photography, KS

What’s your handle and what are you known for?

My cooking/skating blog is Cooking on Skates, where I’m known as Kelly Von Lunen. For Roller Derby and pinup modeling, I’m known as Mel Breakdown. Professionally, I’m a writer and editor.  I am  a rookie derby girl for Dead Girl Derby’s Royal Pains, and I enjoy cooking, baking, and modeling modern pinup.

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Taco Cage Fight: Gluten-Free Fish Tacos, Fruit Guac, and Margaritas

Husband and I ate tacos the whole weekend of Cinco De Mayo. Tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It started as a coincidence, I kept it going as a joke, and then didn’t want to break our Taco Streak, so by Sunday evening it became THE ULTIMATE TACO CHALLENGE CAGE FIGHT XXVI.

I blame the margaritas.

Gluten-Free Fish Tacos  Cook Time: 20 minutes  Serves: 2

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Girl Party Sweets, Drinks, and Eats

I consider myself to be pretty feminine. I play dress up. I watch Pretty Woman whenever it’s on. I have a Pinterest account. And even though I’m also a blunt outdoor girl who likes shootin’ and campin’ and cussin’ and such, I do also love a good girl party.

Frozen Yogurt Strawberries From

Frozen Yogurt Strawberries From

Hare are some of my favorite girly -party sweet treat recipes from around the interwebs. Many of these are taken directly from my Pinterest boards. All recipes and photos retain their original copyrights. Click on the images to be taken to the recipe.

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A Romantic Dinner for Two – Menu, Recipes and How to Pull it Off!

I wrote this post for Valentine’s Day, but it works for any time you want to be romatic.

Menu: Mussels Appetizer. Grilled Flank Steak, Grilled Veggies.  

Dessert:  Fruit and chocolate fondue

Bar: Pinot Grigio, Cabernet, Port  

OR  Sparkling or still water with lemon, espresso

This menus is for the cook at home, to make for someone you’re in love with and who loves you, since you will have garlic breath. OR, if you prefer, a great idea is to have sexy time BEFORE you eat it. And then make this in your bathrobe and enjoy it before a fire/ by candlelight.

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