Gluten-Free Red Velvet Jaws Cake

Update: JAWS-SOME!!! This recipe was featured on Offbeat Home & Life! 

August 4th marks the return of Discovery Channel’s popular Shark Week.

I was born the month Jaws hit theaters across the U.S., and it has always been my favorite movie. Throughout my early years, I took great pleasure in drawing sharks, reading marine life books, and obsessively watching National Geographic Shark Specials. My heroes were Ron and Valerie Taylor and Dr. Eugenie Clark. I wished that I didn’t suck so badly at school work, because I wanted to be a marine biologist.


So it’s not really a shock that for my birthday this June, I made myself a gluten-free red velvet Jaws Cake. If you’re entertaining or celebrating in honor of these fascinating underwater creatures this month, here’s how to make one! I’ve also pinned several cute shark party themes and ideas here, which would work well for a Shark Week Party, child’s birthday, or even a wedding, bridal shower, bachelor party, or baby shower. (You can also check out my Shark Watermelon One-Two Punch recipe which was featured on OffBeat Bride in 2011.)

Chomp Chomp,


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Spring Party Menus and Decor Ideas

Hello all!

I love Spring… it just feels like a new opportunity to get into warm weather party mode.


Our garden wedding – photo by Barbara B.

In honor of the year turning toward the warmer months, I’ve compiled a few Pinterest Boards of spring holiday decorating and menu ideas for Passover, Equinox, and Easter festivities, or that will work for a festive brunch, intimate wedding, baby shower, tea, or bridal shower.

I’ve also included a few of my own ideas and recipes too!


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Dollface Desserts – Fine Art Meets Sweetness in Houston, Texas

Just a quick little post today from one of my favorite Facebook pals, Dani of Dollface Desserts in Houston, TX.

Dani by Angela Morales Photography

Danielle is one of Houston’s up-and-coming pastry and mixed media artists.

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Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign…

Please… don’t make me Parent Under The Influence…

God, what a horrible song. I’m sorry I did that to you and myself.

My Home Tour  was recently featured on the ever-lovely and always helpful, and there were positive responses to my party signage and requests for copies.

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How Learning to Delegate Equals Great Parties

A few recent threads and conversations in my social network has got me thinking about parties, potlucks, and events. Specifically, the logistics of executing hosting tasks in a fairly tasteful, fun, and drama-free manner. As we move into the wedding/party season of late spring and summer,  many brides and party  hosts are dealing with these issues:

“I don’t have time.”

“I would ask people to help, but I don’t know how to delegate.”

“How come potlucks always ends up being a random mix of weird foods?”

“I can’t make those cute decorations on Pinterest.”

“How can I feed a large party of people on $20?”

“I just don’t want to be a bitch/asshole.”

“Everything costs money.”

So… many… pom poms….

Let’s approach these issues one by one.  Ready?

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Eloping With Style, On The Fly, and for CHEAP!

An elopement is not a second-rate way to get married. An elopement can still be beautiful, meaningful, and important. 

My brother and new sis-in-law just eloped in Vegas, and I spent the last month helping them pull it together. Since this was the second awesome and fun elopement I helped to plan in 2 years (my own being the first) I thought I’d post a comprehensive all-in-one for you smart kids who want a CHEAP AND FUN way to get married.  For as little as $60, you CAN get married, on the sly, in style, and quickly. And it doesn’t have to suck.

Still not sure? You can always have a big wedding reception party to introduce your families and friends later on. This is becoming pretty popular. Who doesn’t want two weddings? Two awesome days celebrating you and the person you love? Two Anniversaries? TWO DRESSES, EVEN? Yes, please!

The Happy Couple by Jillian of Bombs Over Betty

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