Articles, Press, and Print

Beretta’s published articles and photos. All photos of Beretta are courtesy of, Los Angeles. 

Atomic Bombshells Issue #6 Summer 2013 – Article, Images, Article Artwork & Layout (Bonus Material Post here!)

Drive-In Magazine Lost Issue #2 -July 2013 – Photo and Recipe

Dames, Planes, and Automobiles Magazine Issue #3 Summer 2013 Photo, Photo Spread, Recipes

Ignition Magazine Issue #2 04/2013 – “Theme Parties” (Cover Mention, Article and Photo)

Pinup Perfection Magazine Issue #12 02/2013 “Developing Your Vintage Style” (Cover Mention)

Atomic Bombshells Magazine Issue #4 “A Very Vintage New Year”  (Article and Photo, Layout and Illustrations)

Dames, Planes, and Automobiles Magazine Issue #1 12/2012 “Vintage Gift Giving”  (Article and Photo)

Pinup Perfection Magazine Winter Wonderland Issue 12/2012  (Photo)

The Cat’s Meow -Cold Weather Recipes  December 2012 (Cover Mention/Image/ Recipes)

Pinup Perfection Magazine Issue #11 “Bartending at Home” 09/2012  ( (Article and Photo, Layout and Illustrations, Recipe and Photo)

Drive-In Magazine  05/12  (Recipe and Photo)

Atomic Bombshells Magazine 05/12 Spring Cleaning With Style” (Article and Photo)

Bachelor Pad Magazine “Shoot Like a Man – A Beginning Guide to Sporting Clays” (Article and Photos) 03/12

SugarHeart Magazine  “Ninja Hosting” (Article and Photo)  02/12

Radio, TV & Film:

Heartshot The Movie – Calendar Model “Annie Ace” – Released Spring of 2013

Not So Soccer Mom Radio – May 3, 2013 – with Jill Hickey and Alicia Hunter

Not So Soccer Mom Radio Interview – December 7 2012 with Jill Hickey

Web Press and Blog Guest Posts:

Featured Recipe on A Slob Comes – July 3, 2012

Interview on Chronicles of a Sweet Tooth – June 13, 2012

Featured Articles  Online:

8/5/2013 Gluten-Free Red Velvet Shark CakeOffbeat Home & Life

7/25/2013 Be An Awesome Crash Pad Guest Offbeat Home & Life

3/2013 Wills & Trusts – What are your plans? Offbeat Home & Life

9/2012  Chicken Divan Casserole Offbeat Home & Life  (Original blog post is here)

5/7   “5 Unique Party Ideas” – The Daily Meal

4/26  “The Velvet Rope – Boundaries With Hosting–  Offbeat Home & Life

4/15   “Training for a State Shoot” – The Official Beretta USA Blog

3/29   “The Shy Person’s Guide To Large Parties”  –  Offbeat Home & Life

2/2     “Surviving Valentine’s Day” – via The Daily Meal

1/25    “Expanding: Going from Apt. To Home” –  Offbeat Home & Life

1/18  “5 Foods We Can All Stop Talking About Now” – The Daily Meal

1/12    ” Ghee 101 – An Introduction to Clarified Butter” – The Daily Meal


12/11   “Mini-Feature: Shotgun Lights- DIY Tutorial” –  Offbeat Home & Life

11/22   “Holidays- Hosting Bastards and Orphans” –  Offbeat Home & Life

8/11 “Recipe for Watermelon Shark One-Two-Punch” –Offbeat Bride 

7/11  “Mason Jar Tea Light Holder – DIY Tutorial” – OffBeat Bride

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