Dames Planes and Automobiles February 2014 Issue

I’m so proud to be a part of this amazing magazine. It’s my second issue and already I can tell that this is a project I’d love to be a part of for a very long time. If you’re at all interested in US military, aviation or automotive history, the vintage-modern lifestyle, learning about local artists and musicians from the east coast to the west as well as abroad, you should definitely like us on Facebook and pick up an issue or two. A portion of proceeds from all of our publications are donated to fine charities and non-profit groups supporting U.S. veterans and active military. Please see the Dames, Planes and Automobiles website for more info.

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A Vintage New Year’s – Atomic Bombshells Magazine

Wheee, I’ve got a new article and photo in Atomic Bombshells Magazine Issue #4, on sale now!  “A Vintage New Year’s”, featuring party tips and logistics, playlists, menus and more! Go on and take a gander, plus enjoy many other holiday honeys from the best in vintage-modern pinup!

Atomic Bombshells Issue #4

Atomic Bombshells Issue #4

Vintage Gift Shopping – Dames, Planes, & Automobiles Magazine

Check out my latest article and photo, “Vintage Gift Shopping”  in Dames, Planes and Automobiles Magazine, Issue #1.

10% of all sales from the magazine will go to featured veteran groups. Hard Copies available as well as digital. Lots of pretty pinups, and beautiful classic cars and vintage planes! Makes a great gift, too!


DPA Magazine Issue #1

DPA Magazine Issue #1

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Can’t Cook? Order In Some Casserole!

Once again, Texas delivers… and this time, it’s casserole!

Today’s Featured Artists are “The Casserole Queens”! Meet Sandy Pollock and Crystal Cook, two beauties out of Texas who have combined America’s growing love of kitsch and its need for fast, healthy, yummy food. Obviously these ladies are right up my alley!

They were kind enough to allow me to feature them, and I’m honored to tell you more about them.

The Casserole Queens, Sandy Pollock and Crystal Cook

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Pinup Posies – A Virginia Cupcake with a Heart for Dogs

From pinup accessories to charity work, mommy-hood, and motorcycles, this hot number from Virginia has a lot going on! We caught up with Celia “Cupcake” Brown for a quick chat about her hair flowers, and even scored a Summer Coupon Code! Read on for more.

Celia “Cupcake” and Benga by Cherry Blossoms Photography

What’s your handle?

I go by Cupcake to my friends I ride motorcycles with, but Celia works too!

What’s a day in the life of Celia Cupcake look like?

I am the creator and sole operator of Pinup Posies, a small hair flower business. I design, create, market, sell, and ship hair flowers. Seventy-five percent of the profit is donated to animal welfare charities.

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The Lovely (Mid-Century Modern) Bones

House-hunting with husband (or should I say “House Dating“) out here in Southern California, we are becoming obsessed with MCM Architecture.

Say what you will about Pinterest, but for all its bridal-and-food pr0n, it’s really helped me grow and develop my budding affinity for architecture with inspiration boards.

My friend and co-worker Melody Beth tried to get me interested in architecture last year, and showed me pictures of The Schindler House (which is right down the street from where my parents in law live.) I wasn’t interested, and at the time, it made me feel the same way Typography feels… I appreciate that other people like it, but it just doesn’t trip my trigger.

But lately, I realize that I’ve always loved architecture, ever since seeing North By Northwest in early childhood and falling in love with The “Van Damme House”…..

DAMME I’m sweating this house

…I just don’t really like the Schindler house website!

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