Eloping With Style, On The Fly, and for CHEAP!

An elopement is not a second-rate way to get married. An elopement can still be beautiful, meaningful, and important. 

My brother and new sis-in-law just eloped in Vegas, and I spent the last month helping them pull it together. Since this was the second awesome and fun elopement I helped to plan in 2 years (my own being the first) I thought I’d post a comprehensive all-in-one for you smart kids who want a CHEAP AND FUN way to get married.  For as little as $60, you CAN get married, on the sly, in style, and quickly. And it doesn’t have to suck.

Still not sure? You can always have a big wedding reception party to introduce your families and friends later on. This is becoming pretty popular. Who doesn’t want two weddings? Two awesome days celebrating you and the person you love? Two Anniversaries? TWO DRESSES, EVEN? Yes, please!

The Happy Couple by Jillian of Bombs Over Betty

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