Losing a Friend

I haven’t been blogging in the past month because of several factors; we’ve of course been looking for permanent work and living spaces in the Southern United States. We also went visiting my parents and siblings in Georgia, and, most recently, have been nursing a sick pet.

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Homemaking On The Road – Part 2: Packing

Here’s Part 2 of my Homemaking on the Road Series! This will focus on the ins and outs of packing for a trip… and the tricks I use to save money, sanity, and space.

I like to think that I’m a minimalist, but the truth is, anyone who can’t travel without a set of hot rollers isn’t exactly low-maintenence. So let’s explore how to pack as lightly as possible but still be prepared once you get to your destination.

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Homemaking On the Road – Part 1 – The Great Escape

Husband and I have been traveling a lot since November, moving across the country from California to the lovely South in Georgia, and then criss-crossing the states for contract and freelance consulting.

While traveling, it’s  important to me to retain a sense of order and make it fun, especially when balancing expenses and taking pets, so I’ll be doing a series in 2013 about Travel and adding it as a new blog category.

Part One – Planning The Great Escape

Riding in Cars with Dogs

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Pinup Posies – A Virginia Cupcake with a Heart for Dogs

From pinup accessories to charity work, mommy-hood, and motorcycles, this hot number from Virginia has a lot going on! We caught up with Celia “Cupcake” Brown for a quick chat about her hair flowers, and even scored a Summer Coupon Code! Read on for more.

Celia “Cupcake” and Benga by Cherry Blossoms Photography

What’s your handle?

I go by Cupcake to my friends I ride motorcycles with, but Celia works too!

What’s a day in the life of Celia Cupcake look like?

I am the creator and sole operator of Pinup Posies, a small hair flower business. I design, create, market, sell, and ship hair flowers. Seventy-five percent of the profit is donated to animal welfare charities.

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Husband and I were laid up to the bone in February 2012. Coughing, sneezing. Waking each other up. Getting low grade lung infections. Getting into arguments about whether or not you can stop zombies by shooting them with feces. (We also had cabin fever).

We decided to dress up and have a Sick Picnic (SickNic) outside in the balmy weather. The dogs played. We drank. And coughed. And ate.

Menu (Required no effort):

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