Atomic Bombshells BONUS MATERIAL – New Tiki Party Swag!

This is a post with bonus material to go along with my new article on Tiki Parties in Atomic Bombshells Issue #6! A couple of these signs you may recall from my tiki birthday bash post a year or so ago, but most items I’ve been keeping to myself and are Brand Spanking New!

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Atomic Bombshells Magazine #6 Summer 2013

Printable Menus, Decorations, and Signs:

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Tiki Birthday Bash – With Printable Swag!

I threw myself a Tiki Birthday Bash this month.  Here’s a recap! Bonus: One of my esteemed guests, Technicolor Cutie, posted this blog about it here!  

The Theme of Tiki

Vintage Tiki Drink menu, image found by browsing online. I took some of these fun-sounding drink names and made up recipes to go with them!

Although tiki is big in Pinup culture, I’ve never had a tiki-themed party before, so this was a good choice for me this year.

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Lemon-Mint Cherry Bomb

Recently, husband and I needed some drinks for some back yard warm weather fun, so I made up this cocktail. Last summer, we made real Sicilian Limoncello, the recipe to which I swore not to divulge.  But, you can either make your own similar Limoncello by following a recipe like this one here (which takes time, a few days up to several weeks). Or, you can buy some ready-made, such as  PalliniCaravella, or Villa Massa.

Here’s the recipe for the drinks we sipped in the hot tub.

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