Summer Solstice Party Menu

I celebrated my birthday with a Summer Solstice Party. With lots of prep work and zero cooking except for grilling, this  easy summer menu feeds 20 people easily and keeps you enjoying the party, not slaving in the kitchen, while looking like WAY more effort than it is.

If guests ask what they can bring, suggest beer, vodka, a prepared salad or a desert. For dessert, my sister brought these Lemon Bars which were a huge hit. I couldn’t eat them so I made my standard Peach Cobbler, which I’ll post separately soon. Another friend brought some wonderful prepared salads from Whole Foods which added a nice touch to the menu.

If grilling isn’t an option, the meat and fish can be prepared in a hot heavy skillet on the stove.



Grilled Tilapia Tacos  | Party Guacamole and Chips | Chicken Apple Sausages


Lavender Infusion Cocktails |  Ginger Infusion Cocktails |  Cucumber water | Light Beer | Iced Tea |

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A Refreshing Summer Cocktail Meets Puppy Play Dates in D.C.

Meet Anna!  This featured artist is an old friend of mine from high school. Thanks to the Internet, we’ve remained in touch over the years. She c0-owns an award-winning little pet boutique called Metro Mutts in Washington, D.C.  I couldn’t let the  summer slip by without sharing more about her store – and one of her delicious  cocktail recipes  – with you!

Anna, with some of her Pineapple – Infused Hooch!

Tell us about Metro Mutts.
 I am Co-Owner of Metro Mutts in Washington, DC.  We are a high-end pet boutique with a focus on made in the USA products and healthy foods for cats and dogs.  We also do “Yappy Hours”, host adoption events, have puppy play dates, and  offer pet sitting and dog walking services.  The business has grown tremendously and we now have a second location in DC.