Atomic Bombshells BONUS MATERIAL – New Tiki Party Swag!

This is a post with bonus material to go along with my new article on Tiki Parties in Atomic Bombshells Issue #6! A couple of these signs you may recall from my tiki birthday bash post a year or so ago, but most items I’ve been keeping to myself and are Brand Spanking New!

Get my complete guide to creating your tropical paradise in Atomic Bombshells Magazine, plus lots more lovely pinups, curvy classic cars, and more!


Atomic Bombshells Magazine #6 Summer 2013

Printable Menus, Decorations, and Signs:

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If I knew you were comin’ I’d have bought a cake…because I hate baking….

That song has been in my head pretty much all week. First it was Boob Cake for husband (which he worked his way through all week and finished last night), and now it’s 2 coworker’s birthdays this week. So last night I made this gluten-free, dairy-free (I did make it with eggs, you don’t have to though) chocolate strawberry cake.

Now… I know I’m not the best baker. In fact, I really, REALLY suck at following directions. And baking is all directions. So it’s a real challenge for me to actually pull a baked good together, even if it’s from a mix. And even then, there’s the challenge of decorating.

Which is why all of my cakes end up with spastic, 5-year-old-on-a-sugar-high icing, which I then pass off as humor or “cute”.

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