Atomic Bombshells BONUS MATERIAL – New Tiki Party Swag!

This is a post with bonus material to go along with my new article on Tiki Parties in Atomic Bombshells Issue #6! A couple of these signs you may recall from my tiki birthday bash post a year or so ago, but most items I’ve been keeping to myself and are Brand Spanking New!

Get my complete guide to creating your tropical paradise in Atomic Bombshells Magazine, plus lots more lovely pinups, curvy classic cars, and more!


Atomic Bombshells Magazine #6 Summer 2013

Printable Menus, Decorations, and Signs:

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Grill and Smoker Recipes

Here in Florida at what I’ve come to refer to as the Family Compound, my sister’s family and my husband and I have been grilling (with propane and on the smoker) several times a week.

Recently, my brother in law James made pork ribs and chicken wings in the smoker.  I’m sharing these recipes here, including James’s custom dry rubs and sauces.

James, Master of the Smoker

James, Master of the Smoker

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Can’t Cook? Order In Some Casserole!

Once again, Texas delivers… and this time, it’s casserole!

Today’s Featured Artists are “The Casserole Queens”! Meet Sandy Pollock and Crystal Cook, two beauties out of Texas who have combined America’s growing love of kitsch and its need for fast, healthy, yummy food. Obviously these ladies are right up my alley!

They were kind enough to allow me to feature them, and I’m honored to tell you more about them.

The Casserole Queens, Sandy Pollock and Crystal Cook

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Tiki Birthday Bash – With Printable Swag!

I threw myself a Tiki Birthday Bash this month.  Here’s a recap! Bonus: One of my esteemed guests, Technicolor Cutie, posted this blog about it here!  

The Theme of Tiki

Vintage Tiki Drink menu, image found by browsing online. I took some of these fun-sounding drink names and made up recipes to go with them!

Although tiki is big in Pinup culture, I’ve never had a tiki-themed party before, so this was a good choice for me this year.

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Gluten-Free Tropicolate Cake

I made this for my birthday. (It can easily be made dairy-free too.) Oh, did you think it was not possible to have a yummy, moist, chocolatey, tropical cake THAT’S ALSO GLUTEN-FREE? Well, you’re so, so wrong.  Excuse me while I have a chocolate-cake-stuffed laugh at your expense. And then go throw up.

Wheee I’m on a Cake!

Gluten-Free Tropicolate Cake

A Tropical Chocolate Birthday Adventure for Your Face Hole

Makes 1 9″ layer cake.   Total time: Roughly 2 hours, or less if you have 2 pans.     Serves: 8

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Drive In Magazine Issue #9 – Tiki Drinks and Pretty Pinups

I’m pleased to announce that I am featured in the May 2012 Issue #9 of Drive- In Magazine with a refreshing Tiki cocktail recipe…and showing off my favorite swimsuit, too!


Cover of Drive In Magazine Issue #9

This issue has lots of great recipes for all your summer hosting needs, plus some pretty pinup gals in their finest tiki wear! Pick up a print and digital copy for $15, or get a digital PDF for just $4!  Click here to buy.