Turkey-Beef Gluten Free Meatballs

Here’s another high-protein staple in my lunches and dinners this season. Enjoy!


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A Hodgepodge Thanksgiving Menu

Husband  and I hosted an assortment of friends and family for Thanksgiving 2011.  My simple yet full menu accommodated carnivores; drinkers; abstainers; gluten-, turkey-, and dairy- allergies; and diabetics. I’m excited to share the menu with you.

Some of these recipes will be available in my book Hosting With Style: Beretta Fleur’s Guide To Parties and Homemaking (out in fall 2012).

The Turkey:

As an ex-vegetarian and vegan, it was a change for me to return to the eating habits of my youth for the holidays for the past year and a half.   Since I can now more easily make choices that do not support factory farming (which is why, after reading Diet for a New America, I became vegetarian and then vegan in the first place), I decided to return to the carnivorous lifestyle. I don’t always buy organic or free-range, but I do when I can.

I chose Leaping Waters Farm in Virginia, and I pre-ordered a Heritage Red Bourbon bird. Then I won a turkey in a  raffle at an NSCA shoot last weekend, so I decided to save that idea for Christmas. The people at Leaping Waters were very nice and I look forward to ordering from them.

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